Brexit, Anonymous strikes European elites on Twitter: "#VoteLeave is a message to neoliberals"


Hackers, hacktivists, cyberactivists, trolls: Anonymous. They never give up having opinions and making an outcry over huge events happening in the world.  From Isis through to Trump and Hillary Clinton's US election battle and now Brexit.


Some within Anonymous saw Brexit as the start of a revolution.  The YourAnonNews (YAN) twitter account, which claims to be affiliated with Anonymous had this to say: 

#VoteLeave is a message to the neoliberals, we're fed up with trade agreements that put wealth over people.”


Those who follow and study the Anonymous phenomenon know that revolution is a major part of the Anonymous idea.  Those partial to that idea felt that remaining in the EU meant being a slave to the system:


“Two weeks ago, the most powerful people in the world (world leaders, CEOs, etc.) came together to talk about a strategy to prevent brexit from happening, this is because of the new legal system Europe is trying to create in cooperation with transatlantic, trans pacific countries and the United States.” 

So the activists wrote in a letter shared on their 1,62 million followers account 



Those that follow Wikileaks, which has released documents about the proposed deals, know what this alliance could mean to activists.  These agreements between the EU and USA that apparently promote the economy grow through endless negotiation on "market access, specific regulation and broader rules and principles and modes of co-operation."  These things are often not wanted by cyberactivists, whom want a freer more people focussed world that isn't just pandering to big business.


The Brexit debate was often focussed on immigration and YAN had this to say: 

“While it is a terrible shame Brexit happened out of fear for refugees, other countries now have an example leaving EU and taking back sovereignty and democracy is possible.”


Whilst Anonymous claims not to be a political animal, YAN wasn't the only group talking about it.  A few days before the historical referendum happened, a debate on RadioAnonOps took place.  They talked about the pros and cons of the UK being in the EU, with someone from AnonUK radio on the remain side.  More sign if we needed it that the whole Anonymous galaxy is interested in things, even political, that can have huge impacts on the world, as activism requires.  Showing that Anonymous is heterogeneous in nature, an idea brought about by a disparate group of individuals.


Brexit will change the political structure of Europe but not only that.  Many young people feel that their future has been stolen by an older generation that mostly voted leave.  Perhaps their voices now will grow a new conscience on the ancient continent.  There's been a massive campaign on social networks under the hashtag #NotInMyName since they want to be part of a wider union and now feel isolated and somewhat fearful.  The thoughts of the young are often a big part of Anonymous and this has them standing opposed by the older generation. 

Whatever the future holds then seems there will still be fights that Anonymous will enter into, even if for some the enemy is the supposedly wiser elders.


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